Achieving food security in the face of climate change


Sustainable agriculture and food chain is essential to challenge food security and environment Resiliance. Till now with growing population global food system is unable to provide adequate Calories and nutrition to each and every one. Ghg is the component of climate change which is Originate from fuel use, fertilizer and animals ruminants digestion.
Understanding the current food system in the context of climate change Demography, development and diets Food system changes as per population growth which is divert towards higher consumption of
Calories, fats and animal products.Food insecurity causes deplation of natural resources. Food in Security affect low income population by reduction of expenditure on education, reduction in Consumption can led to health issues which is reduces agricultural productivity.Lack of nutrient Rich soil as well as inavailability of required growing space for local families in the urban area Due to increasing in population.Global food demand, ghg emission and land competition which Switch consumers to diets which is required more resources as land,water than others. Climate change impact on agriculture:

Agriculture is highly sensitive to climate I.E rainfall, temp which leads to food safety, post Harvest loss,pest and diseases. Occurrence of global warming, droughts, floods, heat waves, Frosts and other affect agricultural productivity.

Food production,supply chains and the environment:

From farm gate to consumer by processing, refrigeration and other supply chain activities and in Case of inefficiencies in food supply it cause lower productivity and food waste.

Investment, trade and food price volattility:-

Large institutional gaps remain in supporting the competitiveness of smallholders like securing Access to land, inputs, financing, markets and insurance.
Investing in an alternative future food system

Food system is a long term and basic need of human need.Investment, innovation, and Delibaration effort to empower the world’s most vulnerable populations will be required to Construct a global food system nvestments in sustainable agriculture including improvements To the supporting infrastructure and the restoration of degraded ecosystems, are an essential Component of long-term economic development. Many millions of people around the world Depend on agriculture for basic subsistence. Efforts to reduce net ghg emissions from Agriculture must not have perverse effects on the food security and livelihoods of these people.

Essential actions for food security and climate stabilization

Recommodation 1:

Proper utilization of sustainable agriculture and food security in urban and rural area and keep Safe from ghg better instalment of food chain from farm’s gate to consumer.

Recommodation 2:

Raise the level of global investment in sustainable and food system in local, regional, national And international level.

Recommendation 3:

Sustainable agricultural production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other Negative environmental impacts of agriculture like global warming

Recommendation 4:

Development of specific program and policies to assists populations and sectors that are more Vulnerable to climate changes and food security.

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