Introducing DAS

Dedicated Agri Services Private Limited (DAS) is a service provider in the agriculture domain bringing a synergy between manpower and technology so as to enable the beneficiaries and stakeholder to transcend beyond meeting their objectives

Our Mission

  • Strengthening the agri services through systematic processes with technology and device interventions; augmenting the service delivery, making ‘it’ trustworthy to be sustainable and replicable…”
  • Gathering data at data sources implies an imperative need of human capital; a need which is perennial and growing at an accelerated rate. The problem further becomes complex as multiple dimensions of the data so gathered qualifies for being processed, analyzed and disseminated in various forms and formats. In the agriculture domain, the aforesaid problem continues to exist and adversely affecting the service delivery; negating the social impact.

Our Objectives

  • To provide insurance auxiliary services in the area of claims and client management  
  • To provide solutions for all kinds of meteorological projects including installation of weather stations, system integration and maintenance thereof 
  • To act as consultants and to provide weather forecasting, data analytics and risk management services
  • To design, develop and customize software, IT platforms and tools for administering various agriculture related schemes
  • To design process and program architecture that harnesses existing institutional capacity in delivering solutions to the farmers
  • To sell and market financial and risk management products to the clients
  • To provide farm solutions and assist the public and private institutions in delivering inputs to the farmers and facilitate in payments and social transfers
  • To conduct baseline survey; diagnostic and feasibility studies, techno economic feasibility studies, project reports, forecasts, surveys and rehabilitation packages and for the purpose to run, establish, maintain, provide, operate, manage, supervise, arrange and take on hire all necessary services, facilities conveniences, equipment etc.
  • To participate in consortiums and actively engage with public and private institutions including NGOs, social enterprises


Our Single Statement of Proposition

DAS proposes a solution that offers humane interactions with the beneficiaries and other stakeholders by engaging manpower in appropriate numbers at the unit of insurance level and protect the trustworthiness of the processes followed through requisite technology interventions