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Crop cutting experiment

DAS whilst is well equipped to execute the co-witnessing the CCEs in their current form and as stipulated by the PMFBY terms of reference, suggests to include pilot and experimental case studies for applying new technologies and device interventions to improve yield and loss assessment techniques and also draw references with the farmer’s eye estimates.

To overcome the current CCEs inconsistencies such as sampling and non-sampling, manual subjectivities and so on, it is, essential to bring in inclusive models that take into account ancillary data sets like weather and soil parameters to predict yield with more accuracy.
The Internet of Things (IoT) here finds increased relevance. This can be combined with other data to forecast crop yields. Based on the data received, from remote sensing techniques, climate and other weather parameters, one can even try to conduct a large number of CCEs in the area where the probability of loss is high.
DAS offers usage of drones for the purpose. DAS through a systematic integration of data collection, proposes Farmer Profiling as a way forward in Crop Insurance.