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Information Education & Communication

DAS perceives Publicity as an essential and a critical service component of ground support services. System Integration of Publicity activity entails – Counselling – a manpower intensive task, IEC – a process framework guideline and WhatsApp (and like) – a technology intervention.

Scheme Publicity and Awareness is now accepted as an essential component for the successful delivery of PMFBY at the root level. DAS aims to provide better scheme coverage while promoting PMFBY in rural areas. This aim can be more effectively achieved if the farmers themselves are able to make informed choices while demanding crop insurance services. This interface between the farmer and the Insurance Company, can best be achieved and sustained through innovative communication strategies designed to stimulate positive attitudes and behaviors. This would be in tune with the spirit of the teachings of Shri. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, in which peoples’ participation in the process of governance is integral to the process of democratization.

Extending the reach of the crop insurance scheme among the vast majority is one of the main objective of Publicity as perceived by DAS. DAS provides yeoman service by giving PMFBY visibility and credibility among farmers who have limited access to know-how and resources. DAS also has the ability to provide feedback about farmer’s concerns to the Insurance Company as an invaluable input in shaping their IEC processes as well as mechanisms for their delivery of services under the PMFBY Scheme.
Communication technologies, as a ubiquitous part of our lives today, are also becoming a reality in rural India and contributing towards bridging urban-rural digital divide. In spite of flurry of wide-reaching social networks and platforms and in the way we access and process information, some things do not and will not change. These are ways in which people use interpersonal and ‘offline’ communication to seek information and deal with issues that require understanding, credibility and confidence.
Here, DAS through its study and learning, along with the traditional methods of rural advertising, offers a physical backbone to conduct personal meetings with the farmers and take them through an informed process by empathizing, educating, enabling and empowering.
DAS assists the Insurance Company in process of evaluation and evolution for their strategies of PMFBY Scheme promotion with thrust on interpersonal communication. DAS also hopes that it will be of interest and value to all who are interested and engaged at the Insurance Company to create a solid, far-reaching and replicable IEC framework for the PMFBY Scheme.